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Are you a little nervous about buying a wedding off of a website?  We can understand your apprehension.  When a new concept is introduced, we are all a little hesitant.  Let me tell you a little about us.  The business began with two friends that fell in love and thought that to get married and plan a wedding was just way too complicated, and guess what?  They were right!  So they thought that there were other people in the world that were just like them, couples that wanted to have a wedding, but didn’t want to have to deal with the hassles of wedding planning.  Then the idea came, what if having a wedding were as simple as clicking a button …. and as it is said, the rest is history.

Being avid travelers we wanted to marry (pun intended) the idea of weddings and travel and so, the idea of a putting together destination wedding packages came to be.  Of course, we didn’t invent the idea of a destination wedding.  Destination weddings have been around for as long as there have been weddings.  A destination wedding happens when a bride and groom travel outside of their respective hometowns to have a wedding and we are seeing this happen more and more everyday.  There are plenty of destination wedding packages to Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Well, what about to Italy or France?  Hmmm … none.  Really?  Yes, really; we looked.  As one would expect it is a bit of a challenge to coordinate all the components of a wedding in a country that you don’t natively speak the language and where there is a significant time gap.  While we don’t know that anyone hasn’t tried, it doesn’t seem that anyone has been successful yet.  So we quit our jobs, got on a plane (actually several planes, trains, boats, busses, Vespas, cars and subways) and scoured the French, Italian, and Indonesian countrysides looking for the best wedding vendors that could help our brides and grooms have their dream weddings.  The result, you get to click and then sit back and relax while others, who have not learned the secret of destination wedding packages, either fret or dream of what could’ve been.

So from both of us, we wish you happy wedding planning and should there be anything that you need we are just a click away!

– Rocky & Patti


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