Best Snorkeling Tours in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is truly a paradise. The island is filled with stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and incredible mountains. Puerto Rico is also home to a vibrant culture and friendly people. There is truly something for everyone in Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking to explore the underwater world on your vacation, Puerto Rico is a great place to do it! There are many snorkeling tours available that will take you to some of the best spots on the island. Puerto Rico has clear, warm waters that are perfect for snorkeling. You can see a variety of fish, coral, and other marine life.

Here are some of the best snorkeling tours to try in Puerto Rico!

El Kraken Snorkel Tour

El Kraken Snorkel Tour is one of the best snorkeling tours in Puerto Rico. It is a great way to start your Puerto Rico morning and see some of the most beautiful underwater creatures. This tour takes you to some of the best snorkeling spots in Fajardo, where you’ll see a variety of fish and other marine life. The guides are experienced and knowledgeable and will ensure you have a great time.

Late Afternoon Snorkeling Tours at Cayo Icacos 

As the sun begins to dip in the sky, head out to Cayo Icacos for a late afternoon snorkeling adventure. You’ll board a local classic sailboat for the excursion, enjoying the gentle rocking of the waves as you head out to the nearby reef. Once you arrive, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the vibrant underwater world, marveling at the colorful fish and coral. As you swim, keep an eye out for turtles, rays, and even the occasional dolphin. As the sun sets, you’ll sail back to shore, enjoying the peacefulness of the evening.

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Snorkeling is a great way to explore the underwater world without having to invest in a lot of expensive gear. Puerto Rico has some great snorkeling tours that will allow you to see a variety of marine life. 

Afternoon Snorkel and Chill in La Cordillera Islands

As one of Puerto Rico’s many natural treasures, La Cordillera Islands offer stunning snorkeling opportunities. Join us on a tour of these beautiful islands, and you’ll see firsthand why they’re a top destination for snorkelers from all over the world. This tour is great for those who want to explore and learn about the beautiful reef ecosystems while enjoying the company of others. After a few hours of snorkeling, the group returns to the marina, where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage and some snacks while you chat with your new friends about your underwater adventure.

Culebra Island Kayak & Snorkel with Turtles Adventure 

Culebra Island is one of the best places in Puerto Rico for snorkeling, and this kayak and snorkel tour lets you explore the island’s turquoise waters while getting up close and personal with turtles. The tour includes a round-trip ferry service from Ceiba to Culebra and a short safety briefing before you head out on your kayak. All equipment is provided, so you don’t have to worry about packing your own snorkel gear. You’ll paddle around the island’s bays and coves in a kayak, looking for turtles, rays, and fish.