Koh Samui Destination Wedding

A beach wedding on the shores of Ko Samui, Thailand.

Ko Samui, one of Thailand’s largest locales in the Gulf of Thailand. The island, known for its palm-fringed beaches circling coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest, has been one of Thailand’s most popular destinations. But instead of becoming passe, it reinvented itself and embraced a new generation of resort-goers, many of them upscale and many of them… yes, you guessed it: newlyweds.

Perfect to host a Ko Samui destination wedding is the boutique establishment Bo Phut Resort and Spa, surrounded by 7 acres of indigenous plantations. The resort is adorned in both traditional and contemporary Thai design, which combines the best of the area’s trendy atmosphere with a tasteful homage to the island’s long history.

Situated in the northern tip of the island, the Bo Phut Resort and Spa is a 5-kilometer ride from Samui International Airport, which is extremely convenient for guests who have just flown in. After the wedding, enjoy the resort’s uninterruprted stretches of golden, sandy beaches, world-class international cuisine, and lively entertainment and nightlife. (Ko Samui’s beach day clubs are quite European in style with international DJs and champagne bottle service- a fun perk for those couples who love to let loose.)

So hate to break it to you but  exchanging wedding vows at the Bo Phut may be the most fun and romantic thing you’ll do ever do together. The good news is though, it’s easier than you think. Plan, book, and purchase your dream Ko Samui wedding by simply choosing from the drop down menu below. (Yes, this is for real.) Happy planning Romance Travelers!

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