How It Works

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought a wedding off of a website … now what? Here is a rundown on what happens next.

Once a bride and groom have put together the destination wedding of their dreams on our website, a Romance Travel Concierge gets notified and immediately takes ownership of the destination wedding. In the background, a Romance Travel Concierge reviews all the details that the bride and groom have selected and relays that information to our partners. With pre-negotiated contracts and through the strong relationships that we have built with each of our partners, we are able to quickly check on the availability of the requested wedding venue, book hotel rooms, make transportation arrangements, and reserve all the fun activities and tours that the bride and groom have requested usually within 48 hours.

Once our partners confirm that they have availability, a courtesy hold is placed and our partners immediately turn away other business for a period of 48 hours. We in turn let our bride and groom know that all elements of their destination wedding have been booked and send a request for payment via email where then the bride and groom are taken to a secure website to make payment. If, however, a partner notifies us that a requested element of the destination wedding is not available, a Romance Travel Concierge will personally get in contact with the bride and groom to discuss alternatives.

We believe that what we have done at Romance Travel Concierge is quite special. The goal was to make the destination wedding planning process a fun, easy and stress-free one. With just a few clicks any bride and groom can have an exotic destination wedding in Bora Bora, a picturesque destination wedding on the shores of Lake Como, an adventurous destination wedding in Scotland, a chíc destination wedding in Paris, or a spiritual destination wedding in Bali.

No longer do a bride and groom have to spend hours upon hours of sorting through thousands of search results in search of wedding vendors, then send emails to those vendors or wake up at odd hours of the night only to be frustrated as they try to fumble through what little French or Italian they may know to convey their wedding dreams. We at Romance Travel Concierge have already gone through the painstaking process of interviewing each wedding vendor face-to-face in each of the countries that we offer and the result we believe will change the wedding industry.