Guest Tips: When To Splurge When At A Destination Wedding

Posted by Trishna Patel on June 6, 2016 in $10K Destination Weddings News and Tips
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Budgets are great but life’s too short not to make someone feel special. (#5)

Happy Wedding Season, Romance Travelers! We understand the coming months aren’t going to be easy on the wallet, especially if you’ve made arrangements to attend a destination wedding. Of course, traveling within your means should always be a priority, but here are 5 instances we believe splurging is okay… and most of all WORTH IT.

1. Checking a bag: If your bridesmaid duties required you to trek across the Atlantic, then there’s a good chance you’re going to be there longer than a week. If so, we have three words for you: Check. That. Bag. The $50 saves time and money spent washing clothes and avoid you the  dreaded fashion faux pas of wearing the same clothes for multiple events. #OhNoSheDidnt.

2. In flight internet: We’ve met travelers– a lot of them frequent fliers– that think in-flight internet is unnecessary. But think about it this way: Travel time is likely going to be 10 + hours long. You’ll spend more cash on books, magazines, drinks and food (if it’s not international) because you “can’t sleep” or are “bored”. In the end, being connected to the world wide web is less expensive AND allows you to share those FOMO-inducing photos on Instagram that much sooner. #JealousMuch

3. Nice off site meal: In most cases, destination wedding packages offer pre-paid meals as part of the hotel/resort’s all-inclusive experience. And whether you’re in South East Asia or Europe, spending a few bucks eating additional snacks is the way to go. That said, definitely plan ONE night where you go out to the locals-only “hot spot” and order the most culturally relevant (and of course, delicious) item on the menu.  #CallingAllFoodies

4. Airport taxis: Public transportation is hands down, the BEST way to explore a new city and observe local life. However, getting to and from the airport with your multiple bags of luggage, are the two instances we believe are worth the potentially expensive taxi fares. Not to mention, the safety of your belongings is less at risk. #IsUberWorldWideYet

5. Souvenirs: Trinkets purchased while overseas have two names. Souvenirs and “things that end up in the back of the closet”. I’d be hard pressed to find a person who makes actual use of a gift brought home to them. But the sweet gesture is so well-received that it’s hard to make an argument against it. So, if you’re able to find something people can truly use (ie. a wine cork, magnet, shot glass), then buy away! #IThoughtOfYou