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BBQ Buffet Menu

$55.00 per person.


Salad bar, Greek salad,

Tuscan bean salad with tuna and parsley

Vegetable spring roll , Deep fried Fish Tofu

Green Mango Salad with crispy Fish

Vermicelli noodle with soya ,Wing bean salad ,Spicy Beef Salad

Balsamic dressing, French dressing, Cocktail dressing, Italian dressing


Chicken soup in coconut Milk

Main Course

Grilled Beef tenderloin

Grilled Pork loin

Lamb koeffta

Grilled Fish wrapped in banana

Grilled Tiger Prawns

Grilled Squid

Roast potato

Green curry with chicken

Stir Fried mixed Vegetable

Corn on the cop

Steamed Rice


Fruit Sliced

Cream Brule

Chocolate Mousse

Cakes and Pies

Grille banana with sweet coconut milk ( Show )


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