Tuscany Destination Wedding

This is a picture of the exterior of the Clubhouse at the La Bagnaia Resort, home of Tuscan living, golf and spa.

The La Bagnaia Resort, an exclusive medieval estate in the heart of the Tuscany, is the perfect example of the concept of unique luxury, in the fact that not only is it breathtakingly beautiful but it also projects the charm of boutique hotel.

The renovated buildings of the ancient village are part of two different and complementary realities: Borgo la Bagnaia and Borgo la Filetta , both surrounded by an authentic natural landscape where history, culture and traditions meet the highest level of comfort and uniqueness.

As far as destination weddings go, it’s the perfect location for a couple looking for a combination of tranquility and beauty coupled with lessons in history and Italian tradition. The Resort also offers different kind of prestigious amenities: two restaurants, a swimming-pool, a tennis court, the Golf Academy, the 18 hole Golf Course, and the Buddha Spa wellness centre. (You can’t forget golf, right?)

Last but not least, say you have the time of your life at the Bagnaia Resort (we have no doubt you will), you can buy one of the antique houses of the Borgo di Frontignano or one of the brand-new residences which are surrounded by the picturesque green of the 18-whole-golf court. The possibilities are endless, especially in Italy. Let’s secretly hope for your wedding guests are extra, extra generous, yes?

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