Where To Say I Do: 5 Of Our Favorite Destination Wedding Locales This Summer

Posted by Trishna Patel on May 17, 2016 in Destination Weddings News and Tips Trips for Two
Tying the knot in royal (Scottish) fashion ranks high among RTC's clientele.
Tying the knot in royal (Scottish) fashion ranks high among RTC’s clientele.

As we enter the thick of wedding season, engaged couples everywhere look to their predecessors for inspiration and guidance. Wedded warriors who’ve emerged from battle unscathed and lived to tell the tale– 25% of which got hitched away from home.

Here are the 5  of the best destination summer wedding locations, as polled by our friends at Conde Nast, The Knot, and our team at Romance Travel Concierge both from their reader base and our clients around the world. Enjoy, Romance Travelers!

MEXICO: Not only is Mexico relatively easy to get to in the grand scheme of destination weddings, it also has reliably good weather outside of hurricane season, and you won’t have issues bringing in vendors from the U.S. Los Cabos and Cozumel—both known for their beautiful beaches—are popular choices for weddings. But the most desired location in Mexico is Riviera Maya.

FRANCE: Yes, there’s Paris, it’s romantic, we get it. But there’s also Vaux-le-Vicomte, a sprawling 17th-century estate an hour outside the city—and in high demand for couples who want their own castle-inspired occasion. While the landmark doesn’t offer lodging, the chateau has customizable options including fireworks, horse carriage rides, musicians (in period costume, no less), and a helicopter pad.

SCOTLAND: Marrying in a Scottish castle may satisfy a childhood dream of being a princess for the day or your style just may be Renaissance-chic (in which case you have great taste.) Either way, castles provide stunning backdrops, both inside and out, to frame your perfect day. From thrones to majestic halls, moats to sprawling gardens, the architecture and history can teleport you back in time where lords and ladies sat waiting for their King and Queen, or shall we say Husband and Wife.

IRELAND: Just get the boo to the Irish countryside because we’ve already booked your tickets.  From the majestic Cliffs of Moher, towering 200 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, to the quaint, Gaelic-speaking villages of the Aran Islands, Ireland does not disappoint when it comes enchanting landscapes.

MALDIVES: Listed by Twisted Sifter as one of the most “unforgettable dining settings”, Ithaa, an underwater restaurant in the Maldives,  is located 16 feet (4.87m) below sea level with an spiral staircase entrance and boasts an unparalleled 180° view of the ocean. Couples feast on contemporary Asian and European cuisine, all while watching the wonders of ocean life unfold around them. What you’re able to see is nothing short of a National Geographic documentary. Nothing says “I’m really committed to a life-long adventure with you” more than getting re-hitched in the middle of the Indian Ocean.