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Seafood and Meat BBQ Buffet Menu

$61.00 per person.


Smoked mackerels

Smoked chicken

Smoked pork loin

Ham rolls with baby corn


Bake salmon salad

Grilled fresh tuna salad

Beetroot and onion wedge salad

Gazpacho salad

Mexican tortillas with chicken salad

Hot potatoes with bacon salad

Deep fried shrimps cake

Chicken in banana leave

Spicy beef salad

Condiments: Black olive, stuffed olives, eggs, bacon, Spring onion, cheese, croutons, diced tomato

Dressing; Italian dressing, 1000 – Island dressing, French dressing, Mayonnaise


Asparagus cream soup

Main Course

Sirloin steak, Pork Catlett,Lamb shop,New Zealand mussel,Us scallop,Tiger prawns , Squid,

Steamed white snapper in lemon

Massan curry chicken

Steam rice

Corn on the cob

Bake potato

Stir fried morning glory

Sauces: Teriyaki, BBQ sauce, pepper sauce, Thai spicy sauce, tartar sauce, garlic butter


Crepes with fresh fruits, two kinds of ice creams, Fresh tropical fruits

Cashew nut cream, Fruit tartlets, Assorted French pastry,

Chocolate mousse and Caramel custard,

Crapes with chocolate and bananas Cake and pies


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